Installing a wireless card in a laptop : Shure pg14 wireless guitar system : Belkin wireless router review.

Installing A Wireless Card In A Laptop

installing a wireless card in a laptop

Life Is Fragile, Life Is Tough - Van Dusen Garden 8175e

Life Is Fragile, Life Is Tough - Van Dusen Garden 8175e

Life is fragile. I have heard the story of a person diagnosed with cancer and passed away in a month’s time.

Yet life is strong and tough. Many living beings survive in tough conditions.

It looks contradicting. The lesson is like what is being said in Buddhist teachings.

There is no constancy in life. There is no norm or constant rule in the world.

Don’t ever think these norms are always happening.

When you work hard, you will be rewarded.
When you study hard, you will get high grades.
When you make great arts, you will be recognized as a great artist.
When you love, you will be loved.

Some people say we should live like life ends tomorrow.

Do what you want to do before it is too late. May be this is a hug to yourself?

Happy Thursday!

This is the close up in Van Dusen taken a few weeks ago.

Once Upon a Time... I Lived in a Dream

Once Upon a Time... I Lived in a Dream

"Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quiestest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey.” - Pat Conroy

This was one of the very first photos that I ever uploaded on Flickr, and my very first attempt at using textures. I've uploaded it again today because it was a year ago that I stood on this amazing beach watching the incredible Fiji sunset.

This month marks a year that I've been home from my traveling adventure. There isn't a day that I don't think of how incredible my 12 month journey was. Traveling changed my life. As cliche as it sounds, I "found myself" while I explored the world.

installing a wireless card in a laptop

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Logitech wireless keyboard not working : Linksys usbbt100 wireless bluetooth usb adapter : D link wireless pci driver

Logitech Wireless Keyboard Not Working

logitech wireless keyboard not working

Logitech Wireless Keyboard

Logitech Wireless Keyboard

Shot using a Nikon D90 in commander mode attached to Monfrotto tripod. Remote SB-900 Speedlight to the left rear of keyboard positioned in foam core light box. Post-processing in Adobe Lightroom - added clarity with Noise/Luminance reduction.

HTPC Complete

HTPC Complete

Finally got a cheap ($28) Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse.

logitech wireless keyboard not working

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Netgear wireless - Wireless cameras with dvr - Wireless network setup software

Netgear Wireless

netgear wireless

Tower of Wireless-ness

Tower of Wireless-ness

Well. The white thing is our wireless router, which seems to suck when it's on the floor. But it was $30 at Fry's! Boxes from top to bottom are my Gundam model, PowerBook and rice cooker boxes.

wgt kismet

wgt kismet

A new kismet appliance that typically starts logging data 30 seconds after power is applied.

netgear wireless

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connecting wireless computer

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Samsung Wireless Color Printer

samsung wireless color printer

IMG 0001

IMG 0001

My desk & computer. Alienware 7700 laptop, Samsung SyncMaster 763MB Flatscreen, 4.1 Altec Lansing speakers (sub behind the blue bin), wireless HP photo printer, usb Epson colour printer, HP Scanjet... um, oh ya, a partridge in a pear tree. :)

Library Color Printer

Library Color Printer

color printing: 50 cents per page

samsung wireless color printer

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Wireless Connection Status

wireless connection status

Elliptical Crosstrainer - TH9550D

Elliptical Crosstrainer - TH9550D

The Impact Fitness Equipment TH9950D Commercial Elliptical makes your facility stand apart from the rest with features like modern styling, ultra-smooth dual action upper body cardio arms and a brushless, maintenance free electromagnetic generator system that offers smooth operation and an extra-low starting resistance

Product Specifications are below

Impact Fitness Equipment TH9550D Full Commercial Elliptical

Product Specifications:

•Durable, quiet, energy saving Self-Generated Design requires no external power supply or trip hazard
•Ergonomic elliptical-track system provides more comfort, easiness, natural movement with effect
•Stylish modern Two-Tone White / Black Design provides an upscale look and feel to any facility
•Exclusive Entertainment Plug-In - MP3 Interface and USB / SD Card Player
•User-friendly built-in cable outlet for easy access of cable and AV wiring connection
•Brushless, maintenance-free electromagnetic generating system offers smooth operation and an extra-low starting resistance
•Entertainment Plug In - MP3 Interface and USB / SD Card Player
•Durable power-coating finish on extra-heavy gauge welded steel will look great for years and is also very easy to clean
•Electronically controlled magnetic brake
•High speed circulation fan
•All molded plastic parts possess outstanding color quality far better than those of paint effect can achieve
•Two sets of handles allow for varied training programs
•Ultra-smooth, dual-action upper body cardio arms eliminates harsh impact rebound on knees or ankles while in use, greatly reducing cause of injury
•Extra Large, easy to read LED display for Time, Distance, Calories, Weight, Speed, RPM, Level, Laps, Pulse, Age
•Simple program buttons allow the user to change programs on the fly
•8 x 20 Dot Matrix
•Heart Rate with Wireless Chest Strap
•Firm base frames for improved stability during training sessions
•10 Built-In Programs with Easy Function (numerals 0 - 9) Buttons
•Display exercise mode and status diagram of curves
•Computer controlled magnetic induction resistance
•40 Resistance Levels
•Easy Transport Wheels
•Maximum User Weight: 330 lbs.
•Ergonomic, Function-Integrated Handle Bar design provides a more comfortable exercise
•Pre-set programs : 5 / User Defined Programs : 2 / Heart Rate Programs : 2
•Open ended, extra large, non-skid pedals
•DIMS: 6’8”L x 2’W x 5’7”H WT: 203 lbs.

Mission 8.3: Endowment Upon Manaan

Mission 8.3: Endowment Upon Manaan

Mission Log: 8.3
Discovering Signal
Location: Manaan
Legion Affiliation: 26th
Connecting to CT-5835 [Carver]
Establishing Connection

_Unidentified Contact Incoming/ Status: Invalid
_Distance: 93.6 Meters/ Enclosing
_Increasing Heat Signature
“Sir, I’ve got a reading of an incoming contact, rapidly closing on our position!”
_Distance: 33.7 Meters/ Enclosing
_Remaining Time Until Hostile Engagement: 3.532 Seconds.
“Sir! Take cover!”
“Wha... Brace!”
_Connection Lost

_Reestablishing Connection
_Connecting to CT-5835 [Carver]
_Evaluation Current Profile
_Vital Signs: Satisfactory/ Condition: Moderate/ Recommended Immediate Medical Attention
_Wireless Transmission Activated.
“ Carver, CT-583...”
_Reestablishing Connection
“...need immediate evac! I have a trooper down! Repeat, I ha...”
_Reestablishing Connection
“...stay with me! Jax, we have medical transport on route to...”
_Reestablishing Connection
“...can make it! hold on!”
_Energy Signature Enclosing/ Affiliation: Republic/ Significant Code: CR25 [Troop Transport]
_Incoming Transmission/ Status: Closed
“...hear you, CT-5835. On route to your current position. Medical crew is standing...”
_Connecting to CT-3522 [Jax]
_Evaluating current profile
_Vital sign depleting/ Condition: Critical/ Recommended Immediate Medical Attention
“...Jax, stay with...”
_Reconnecting to CT-3522 [Jax]
_Evaluation Current Profile
_Vital Signs Lost
_Updating Status
_Status: Deceased

_Incoming Transmission/ Status: Closed
“...CT-5835. We have reached your current position. Deploying medical crew at your mark...”
“...No need.”
Connection Failing
Connection Lost

wireless connection status

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